Pick two of these three the women Lola, Ruti (Ruth), and Zahra al Tarek and explore their roles in creating or preserving the Haggadah.

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Lola and Ruti are both "preservers" and share strength but exhibit it in different ways. 

Lola, the young Jewish laundress who has been separated from her family, thinks of herself "mule." Like a mule, she is hardworking and like a mule, she is used to carrying heavy burdens. 

Ruti, the calligrapher's daughter, might be quiet but she has underestimated strength. Even her father doesn't truly know her abilities. 

“It did not even occur to David to consult Ruti herself about this, or any other matter. Had he done so, he would have been most surprised by the result. He did not realize it, but his love for his daughter marched hand in hand with a kind of contempt for her. He saw his daughter as a kind-hearted, dutiful, but vaguely pitiable soul. David, like many people, had made the mistake of confusing "meek" with "weak.”


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