Pick one of the temptations of Alexander Crummell and discuss how we overcame it

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According to W.E.B. Du'Bois' essay "The Temptations of Alexander Crummell," Crummel struggled with the temptations of Hate, Despair and Doubt. His struggle with Despair is particularly illuminating. DuBois recounts how Crummell begged and pleaded with every University within several miles of his home for admittance. Desptie his undeniable intelligence and qualifications, each of them refused him. He sought out opportunities to expand his intellect and was repeatedly rejected. Rather than succomb to the temptation of Despair, Crummell took his destiny into his own hands. He organized community meetings at a small Episcopal church, where he shared rigorous intellectual and religious teachings with his congregation. After some years, this small gathering grew into a well-known community institution. Initiative, faith and calm, reasoned action helped Crummell to avoid falling into the temptation of Despair. DuBois holds Crummell's actions up as a model for all people.

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