Pick one product or service. What are the products and/or service, and who do you think they are targeting?

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How about spas.

Though spas offer services to both men and women, they target adult women (usually affluent) mainly offering services related to relaxation and beautification. Facials, manicures, peticures and massages are all offered at full service spas.

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I will choose enotes. This site has basically two main customer pools, as I see it. The biggest is students. The target market is mostly high school students, with some flow over into college and middle school students. The secondary market is teachers, because the site sells excellent lesson plans and teaching material. I think most teachers under-utilize it.
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I'll select the American firm, HR Block, tax preparers. The company prepares income tax reports for individuals and businesses. They target mostly blue and white collar workers. HR Block customers have to earn enough so that they can afford the modest tax preparation fee charged. Families that spend every last cent on the necessities of life can't afford the fee. They also target people with some level of education because it takes some understanding of and ability in record keeping to keep and compile the yearly records necessary for calculating taxes.

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All products or services are directed towards a certain group. In other words, advertisers have a certain demographic in mind when they market a product. Let me give you an example.

A few years back, Apple computer had a great advertisement campaign. Two actors were used and one represented a PC computer and the other represented an Apple computer. The PC actor was chubby, had glasses, and was a bit uptight. The Apple actor was much more carefree and definitely had a cooler look. However, both actors had a certain charm and it was all very lighthearted.

This commercial appealed to certain people. It appealed to working professionals and students, people who already had computers for a while and wanted something easier to use. The commercial also presupposed enough wealth to buy a computer, or even a second one (as the purpose was to get people to change from a PC computer to an Apple computer). It also presupposed people who had leisure to do "fun" things on a computer.

In the end, the commercials were done very well and definitely appealed to a certain group.


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