`-pi/6` Evaluate the sine, cosine and tangent of the angle without using a calculator.

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Chapter 4, 4.4 - Problem 63 - Precalculus (3rd Edition, Ron Larson).
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-pi/6 on the unit circle diagram is the same as 11pi/6.  Think about it as going pi/6 counterclockwise, instead of clockwise.  

When evaluating sine, think about the y axis.  The -pi/6 on the unit circle would horizontally match up with -1/2 on the y axis if you drew a line starting from the intersection of the edge of the circle  and -pi/6 that was parallel to the x axis.  Thus, sine of -pi/6 is -1/2.  

When evaluating cosine, think of the same as sine but with the x axis.  The cosine of -pi/6 is √3/2 . 

When evaluating tangent, it is useful to look at the numbers outside the parentheses in the chart I attached below.  The tangent of -pi/6 is -√3/3.  

You can use a calculator to verify.

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