What is the potential energy of a crate of 500N at the edge of a ramp 5 m long inclined at 20 degree to the horizontal?

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The potential energy that the crate has on the ramp is due to the gravitational force of attraction between the crate and the Earth. It is given by m*g*h, where m is the mass of the crate, g is the acceleration due to gravity and h is the height of the crate.

Here we are given m*g as 500N

The length of the ramp is 5 m and it is inclined at 20 degrees with the horizontal. This can be used to find the height of an object at the edge of the ramp by 5* sin 20.

The potential energy of the crate due to the gravitational force is therefore 500*5* sin 20

=> 2500 * sin 20

=> 855.05 J

The required potential energy is 855.05 J

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