Physics lab equipments and its uses

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There are a large number of different equipment one can expect to find in a physics lab. The type and number of equipment will be different for a school lab as compared to a college lab. Here is a brief list of equipment and their uses/applications:

  • Measurement equipment: such as weighing balance (measures weights), rulers (measures length), vernier caliper (length measurement), etc.
  • electrical equipment: for study of electricity and circuits: resistor, rheostat, circuit board, multimeter, voltmeter etc.
  • magnetic equipment: study of magnetism: magnets, compass, etc.
  • Optics: study of light: prism, compass, microscope, spectrometer, lenses, etc.
  • Gravity: study of gravity: pendulum (measurement of time period and acceleration due to gravity), density ball, etc.
  • Waves and sounds: study of sounds and waves and their properties: tuning fork, vibration generator, etc.

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