A physics book is moved once around the perimeter of a table of dimensions 1 m by 3 m. if the book ends up its initial postion.what is the magnitude of its displacement? what is the distance traveled?

prottoy | Student

The displacement will be ZERO as it did not move from its initial position but distance covered will be equal to the peremeter, i.e.

2(1+3)m = 2(4)m = 8m


neela | Student

The dimension of the table = 1m by 3m. Assume the table a rectangular (or parallelogram rarely)

Therefore, the length of the perimeter of the table = 2(length+breadth)=2(1+3)=8meter

Therefore the distance travelled by the book by its travellin onc along the perimeter and coming back to the starting point = 8meter.

But the displacement of the book considering its directions is =3m along the length +1m along the width direction -3m along the length and -1m along the width = 0, as the book is is at the starting postion only after all its travel.