physics according to me, physics is difficult. what can i possibly do to make it look easier and prepare better for the exams.

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You can hire a tutor.  Part of the problem with a complex subject like physics is that you need someone to explain it to you, but classes generally move faster than you do.  You can also listen to different lectures on the internet, because someone else's explanation may make more sense to you.

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There is plenty of help out there on the Internet -- help that was simply not available to earlier generations of students.  Interestingly, there is increasingly helpful information available on YouTube -- a resource that seems almost designed for teaching (and comprehending) physics because it is so visual. You may also want to look around on eBay for products concerning physics produced by The Teaching Company.  Here's the sort of thing I have in mind:

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All good suggestions so far.  I started a degree in Biology, but gave it up as far too boring.  Physics was much more interesting.  That isn't to say it was easy, but the reality of studying any subject is that if it is interesting you don't mind the fact that it is hard.  I ended up with a masters in elementary particle physics before I ran out of money.

To emphasize the best advice given to date:

do not get behind! Learn equation and definitions as you go.

study Physics every day (except from 5:30 p.m. Friday until 5:30 p.m. Sunday)! Read, work problems, and memorize definitions

work in a study group of 3 or 4 that actually studies!  Many minds working together will see solutions and explanations that one mind alone may miss.  It is also good to have someone to vent frustrations to--get it out of your system then get back to work.

ask for help! If not from your teacher, then from another teacher (math teachers usually have had some Physics) or from college students who have had physics.

have fun!  Physics really is fun and once you solve a hard problem all on your own and get the right answer you will experience a rush of satisfaction which is difficult to match.


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The above post makes great suggestions, and I would add that you need to make the most of the fact that it is your teacher's job to teach you. Make appointments for extra help and get yourself in sooner rather than later if you are confused about the material. It is easier to learn things in small steps, but if you wait until you are hopelessly lost, it is kind of a losing battle to gain the knowledge you need. You could also get extra help from a teacher's assistant or from resource sessions that may be offered. It might also help to work with a study group of your peers -- sometimes a student who is learning it at the same time as you can help you by explaining, in their own words, how they figured out the concept.

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I'll admit it too - physics is difficult. I started off college as a physics major before turning to the humanities. I did finish a physics degree, though I never went further than a bachelor's. Here's what I learned about doing physics problems and prepping for exams:

1. Practice. Really, this is the most important thing in studying. Practice problems again until you can "see" the process behind the math.

2. To form the concepts it helps to draw pictures, or even find graphics online. If you can see in your mind what is happening, it makes it easier.

3. Break problems down into component parts. Physics is a way of using math to describe relationships between things, and problems can be broken down into smaller pieces and steps.

4. Practice again... sorry! I found that with my most difficult courses it helped to do and redo problems I had already solved, until I knew the logic between steps.

Good luck!



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