Physical changeDescribe the notion of physical change

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Physical change is simply a change in something that does not involve changing it chemically.  So, for example, if you take cotton and make it into thread, you have changed the cotton, but you have not changed its chemical makeup.  By contrast, if you burn the cotton, you change it at the moliecular level so that is a chemical change.

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A physical change is a reversible change of the state, shape and size of a substance, the chemical composition remaining the same.

The best example of a substance that has the same properties but  it could be found in different states is water. The water could be found in nature in a solid state (ice), liquid state or gaseous state (vapours).

Another example of physical change is the mixture of salt and water. The salt is dissolved by water and the result is a salty solution, but if we'll evaporate the water, the salt can be recovered.

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