Physical appearance of David Balfour in novel Kidnapped

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David Balfour is a naive, trusting 17-year-old boy who is orphaned by the death of his father and later betrayed by his uncle, Ebenzer. Being a native of the Scottish Lowlands, David is Caucasian. Events in the novel suggest that David is physically fit and a proficient fighter, as is evidenced by his ability to successfully aid Alan Breck Stewart in a mutiny against the entire crew of a ship. David is able to withstand the physical challenges of navigating the Highlands as well. Being from the Lowlands, he is most likely Protestant; he also does not speak Gaelic and other native Highland languages. Little attention is paid to his physical characteristics in the novel (hair color, eye color, etc.). However, there have been adaptations of Kidnapped. In the classic Disney movie, David Balfour is depicted as a young man with short blonde hair. The illustrated Marvel comic depicts him as having longer, brown hair.

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