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The torque of a force about a point is by definition the vectorial product between the position vector of the point of force application and the value of the force itself. Therefore

T= rx F

where x represent the vectorial product.

We know that the vectorial product of tho vectors is represented by a determinant having on its first line the unit vectors (`hatx,haty,hatz` ), on its second line the first vector from the product (r here) and on the third line the second vector of the product (F here):

`T = r xx F = |[hatx, haty, hatz],[4,6,0],[3,2,0]| = 4*2*hatz -3*6*hatz =-10hatz (N*m)`

Answer: The absolute value (magnitude) of the torque is `T=10 N*m` and its direction is toward negative values of z axis.

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