Find the vector product of the two given vectors (see image.)

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1) The vector product of two vectors is determined as the determinant constructed from the vectors' components:

`vecA = 3hati + 4hatj-2hatk`

`vecB = 4hati-3hatj + 5hatk`

The vector product `vecA xx vecB`

will then be `[[hati,hatj, hatk],[3,4, -2] [4, -3, 5]]`

`=hati (4*5 - (-2)(-3)) - hatj (3*5 - (-2)*4) + hatk (3(-3) - 4*4) = `

`=14hati -23hatj-25hatk.`


The angular momentum vector `vecL`

of an object moving with velocity `vecv` s a vector product of the position of this object `vecr`

and its linear momentum `vecp = mvecv`

The magnitude of this angular momentum L is then given by

`L = rmvsin(theta)`

where `theta`

is the angle between position vector and the velocity vector.


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