What are the benefits of studying education from a sociological perspective?

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There are many benefits of studying education from a sociological perspective. 

First, if you are going to teach in a different country, then it is imperative that you know something about that culture. Sociology can help you with customs, habits, and other important cultural points to make your teaching more effective. In a global world, such as ours, this is all the most important. 

Second, sociological understanding of education allows you to see where the weaknesses are in a particular culture. So, if you seek to make the educational system better, a sociological understanding of culture can help in significant ways. In other words, though education you can target weak areas of culture. 

Third, a social understanding of education from a historical point of view can also yield important insights. For example, if a certain time period proved to be effective in producing good students and citizen, then understanding the social dynamics may help in education reform. 

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