Phoenix Jackson and the phoenix of mythology have similar characteristics. Discuss how they are related in "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty. 

Phoenix Jackson in "A Worn Path" and the phoenix of mythology are similar in being strong, indomitable, and indestructible. The Phoenix of mythology is a beautiful red and yellow bird that ages, then burns up, only to be reborn from the ashes. Phoenix Jackson is an old woman who can't be kept down. She experiences symbolic rebirth on her trip to town to get medicine and a present for her grandson.

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The phoenix is a legendary bird said to rise from the dead when it gets old by burning up and reemerging from the ashes. Phoenix, the old woman in the story, is like the legendary phoenix in being strong, indomitable, and indestructible.

Like a Greek hero, Phoenix goes on an epic quest in which she must overcome many challenges to fulfill her goals. For her, the path through the woods to town is filled with obstacles for an old woman walking with a cane and suffering from poor eyesight. Yet she shows unwavering determination to get to her destination.

For example, when she has to cross a creek by walking on a log, she does so. Afterwards, having been successful, she hints at rebirth when she thinks,

I wasn't as old as I thought.

Later, she stops to rest and drifts off to sleep. A jaunty young man, who doesn't take her seriously, comes along and helps her to her feet, which is another form of rebirth:

He lifted her up, gave her a swing in the air, and set her down. "Anything broken, Granny?"

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