What is the most important thing you hope to accomplish before you die?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question is highly personal and therefore answers will differ from person to person.  To make your own answer sound good, you will need to think about your own hopes and aspirations.  You will need to think about what is important in your life and about what you think will be important in your life as you grow older. 

From my point of view, the most important thing I can hope to accomplish is to raise happy children who will have the ability to succeed in life.  Nothing that I am likely to accomplish will be as long-lasting or as meaningful to me as my children’s happiness and success would be.  I care more about them than about anything else in my life (outside of my wife) and therefore their happiness and their futures are the most important thing in the world to me.  I cannot imagine any sort of personal accomplishment could be more important to me than this.

Do you think this would make sense for you?  Can you think of anything else that you could accomplish that would be as important as the children you may someday have?  I would suggest that you consider these issues as you write your response to this question.

wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

William Saroyan put it best:  "In the time of your life, live."  That is, have a "project of the will," a goal, a direction, a path, accept challenges, recognize and grasp opportunities to experience feelings, adventures, events.  Do not sit comfortably in a safe place waiting for the next non-event.  In the time of your life, live.  Accomplishment is an external measure made by someone else.  an artist wouldn't say "I accomplished this painting." 
He or she would say, "I painted."  "I did."  That is what we want to "accomplish."  A writer is never done -- did Joyce say, "I have accomplished 'The Dubliners'?  No, he, wrote "Ulysses."  Did he say "I have accomplished "
Ulysses"?  No, he wrote 'Finnegan's Wake'.   Accomplishment is an historian's term, not a living person's term.