Psychology Is every life experience intended to teach us a lesson?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course, this is a subjective question, but one would hope that people continue to learn from their experiences all their lives. Certainly, there is no doubt that many learn from those experiences that have price tags attached. That is, they cost people some kind of loss, be it monetary or personal. But, then, some do not always learn from experiences, and will repeat their mistakes.

Yet, it is those losses and catastrophes which form one's mettle. The famous Greek-American director Elia Kazan once observed that unless people have had a major struggle in their lives, they never grow. Not only that,

"You have to remind people of their own struggles. It's a responsibility."

Obviously, there is a value placed upon the lessons that experience teaches people or companies and other places of employment would not advertise for applicants with experience. Clinical psychologist and relationship expert, Dr. Carmen Hara contends that life teaches people many valuable lessons, among them endurance and flexibility. Her father, she writes, used to say "The star that fights the most, shines the most." Dr. Harra continues,

We will struggle, yes, but it is through our struggles that we will radiate ever more brilliantly.