Philo of Alexandria Describe some of the main points taht Philo of Alexandria (as a middle-Platonist) and Pltinus (as a neo-platonist) bring to the discussion, as it is building towards mainstream medieval philosophy?

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I agree with post 2. Philo popularized the allegorical method for biblical interpretation. The scholars of Alexandria did the same thing (before him) with he texts of Homer. There were great scholars in Alexandria, like Callimachus. This allegorical method became one of the standard ways in which to interpret the Bible in the Medieval period. It can be traced back to Philo through the works of Origen, who was also an Alexandrian scholar a few hundred years afterwards.

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Philo of Alexandria is remembered for the way in which he tried to use philosophical allegory in an attempt to reconcile Greek and Jewish philosophy together into one united, hybrid whole. His method was to use allegorical exegesis when looking at sacred scriptures in order to argue that the specifics of each separate philosophy could be reconciled by examining how they represented or symbolised larger elements.

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