As a pharmacist, what do they do in their job? Are the use of needles used? Because I think I want to become one, but I just hate needles.

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The pharmacist's main job is to handle medications. A pharmacist must fill prescriptions and mix medications. Some medications come to the pharmacy as a powder or separate chemicals. They have to be mixed before being distributed to the customer. Most pharmacists have a chemical engineering degree or something similar. They need to know about medications and their interactions. They are responsible for checking their customers prescriptions to make sure there are no interactions. They are also required to have a vast knowledge of different over the counter medications. Most pharmacists do not handle needles other than for sales purposes. Some pharmacies now offer flu shots and other vacines. Those pharmacists do handle needles but I believe they have received extra training. Giving shots is not usually a part of the pharmacist's job.
hina0000 | Student

no ,they do not use any needles it is just that they have to deal with a lot of medicinal stuff