The pH of a solution is 12. a)The pOH of this solution is __. b)[H^+] is ___(scientific notation) 

c)[OH^-] is __ (scientific notation)=____(demical notation). d)Is this solution acidic or basic?

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pH and pOH are values derived from the concentration of either [H+] or [OH-] which generally describe the acidity or basicity of the solution.  It is the -log of the concentration of H+ and OH- present in the solution. The sum of pH and pOH is equivalent to 14.

We can summarize the relationship as follows:

pH + pOH = 14
pH   = -log [H+]
pOH = -log [OH-]
For pH = 12
pOH = 14 - 12
pOH = 2
pH = -log [H+] = 12
[H+] = 10^(-12)
[H+] = 1.0x10^-12
pOH = -log [OH-] = 2
[OH-] = 10^(-2)
[OH-] = 1.0x10^-2 = 0.01

SInce [OH-] > [H+], the solution is therefore basic.

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