Can you please summarize Peter Pan and the story of Peter and Wendy?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The J. M. Barrie children's fantasy masterpiece tells the story of the Darling family and the mysterious Peter Pan, "the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up." Peter and his ball of light, Tinkerbell, show up one night and force their way into the Darling children's bedroom. Wendy, the oldest of the Darling children, awakens, and Peter tells her that he is searching for his shadow. Peter also explains that his friends in Never Land, the Lost Boys, have no mother, so Peter is merely eavesdropping so he can pick up some maternal pointers to use with the boys. Peter can fly, and he teaches Wendy how, too; when Wendy demands that Peter teach the other Darling children to fly as well, Peter sprinkles magic fairy dust on them and they soar out the window to Never Land.

In the magical world of Never Land, they meet up with the dastardly Captain Hook. Wendy settles in as the new mother of the Lost Boys, but she eventually reveals to Peter that the Darlings must soon return to their home. But first, Captain Hook kidnaps all of the children, and thinking he has successfully poisoned Peter, plans to make them all walk the plank. But the still very much alive Peter, along with Tinkerbell, come to the rescue; Hook is eaten by a crocodile, and Peter returns the children to their worried parents. Mrs. Darling offers to adopt Peter, but Peter realizes he will be better off in Never Land. The grateful Mrs. Darling promises Peter that Wendy can visit him every spring.