Peter the Great's Significant actions What are some significant actions and events during Peter the Great's term of power:  

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I do admire Peter the Great to a certain extent. His most significant contribution was in expanding Russia's domain through several brilliant military campaigns. He also led a cultural revolution and brought about both a cultural revolution and advancements in technology, medicine and science.
soccrkidz13 | Student

peter the great was a czar unlike any other

as a child he enjoyed making russian men fight for his entertainment and he set up war games

this played a crucial part in the strength of peters military.

also as a child he learned about ships and started russia's first navy.

he had two interests during his lifetime which were developing a strong military and navy, winning wars etc. and learning about the technology in the west.

because of his love for war and military conquest russia became the greatest power in northeastern europe.

he changed russia for the better in many ways, however he ignored his son alexei who never developed an interest in war

when peter realized this he told his son that he could either become a monk or develop an interest in war

his son fled the country, however peter intercepted him tortured him and had him condemned to death.

During his reign, Russia had emerged from the darkness and had entered the European world as a major player.  He had developed the military, improved education, embarked on a strong building program, opened Russia to western trade