Which of the following is true of the "pet banks?" The Pet Banks a. were the various branches of the Bank of the United States. b. were necessary to Jackson's plan to recharter the Bank of the United States. c. were state banks Jackson wanted to use to break the Bank of the United States. d. all the above

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The only possible correct answer here is C.

First, you should note that A and C are incompatible with one another.  If the pet banks were state banks (which they were) they could not be part of the Bank of the United States.  This means that D cannot be right.

B is also clearly wrong because we know that Jackson did not want to recharter the bank.  The correct answer is C.  The “pet banks” were state banks.  Jackson took federal money out of the Bank of the United States and chose the “pet banks” as the places to deposit that money.  This process was a way of breaking the Bank of the United States.

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