Persuasive writing help. I have to do a short persuasive writing piece and I need someone help me write a persuasive introduction by giving your suggestions of ideas or things I should write/include in it based on this article where the writer’s contention is ‘that the American language and culture is adversely the Australian way of life’. My supporting arguments that I thought of were: American’s culture is threatening our (Australian) cultural values Deterioration  in law and order Connection of American language with the worst of society If you can think of more, please add it to my supporting arguments. The article is in the following link:

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Use a persuasive technique to appeal to your audience's background, if you know it.  For example, you could address how music shapes culture by asking the reader to imagine how his or her favorite song changed his or her life.

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Some possibilities to consider:

American music, film and television and the effect on Australian culture. Many of the American words that are creeping into Australian culture likely come from these sources. I'm not sure what you mean by deterioration in law and order or the connection with the "worst" of society but certain forms of music or certain films glamorize criminal behaviors. Young people may be interested in dressing and speaking in a way that emulates the criminal elements from these sources.

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