perspectives on personality?THE Greek and Roman discussed a fourfold personality cklassification scheme based on the four cosmic element earth air fire and water.     the hippocrates and roman...

perspectives on personality?

THE Greek and Roman discussed a fourfold personality cklassification scheme based on the four cosmic element earth air fire and water.



the hippocrates and roman physician galen suggested that these elements are represented in the personality 





corresponding to earth air fire and water.


the modern psychological study of personality has been marked by thbe development of four  major perspectives.


what are they lets discuss it one by one

 by four kinds of human temperament

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You are correct in saying that each of the personalities have been used historically to define a person. In addition to the defining of the personality, each personality is aligned with an element, temperature and a bodily fluid. Here are the personalities, the matching element and the bodily fluid.

  • Melancholic- Black Bile- Earth- Dry/Cold
  • Sanguine- Blood- Air-Hot/Moist
  • Phlegmatic- Phlegm- Water- Moist/Cold
  • Choleric- Yellow Bile- Fire- Hot/Dry


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Here is a list of the four major perspectives on personality:

The Psychoanalytic Perspective
The Trait Perspective
The Humanistic Perspective
The Social-Cognitive Perspective

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you'd like to explore in this conversation... Are you interested in finding parallels between the four ancient elements of personality and the four major contemporary perspectives on personality? 

Or is the aim to draw a three-tier correspondence between the ancient elements of personality, the contemporary theories on personality, and four kinds of human temperment (four typical modes of personality)? 

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well you got my point and yes these traits only i was looking for 


the first major milestone was the work of sigmund freud . freud.s consistent emphasis was on unconscious biologically rooted drives, especially sexual and aggressive drivers and the ways they are challeninsed by external forces. freud,'s theories grew out of his work with psychologically disturbed individuals.

from his observations of their difficulties , he formulates a theory of the structures of personality. how they develop, and how they interact. his theory outlines the many ways that individuals satisfy their basic unconscious drives within an array of social and physical constraints.



so this is the first perspective which i understood.




i want to know is it all in the first perspective or i left out anything if yes then discuss .


if no then lets move further by explaining second perspective.



trait perspective

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