Is  a person's ability to become rich based on political party, neighborhood, schools, class or race?Is  a person's ability to become rich based on political party, neighborhood, schools, class...

Is  a person's ability to become rich based on political party, neighborhood, schools, class or race?

Is  a person's ability to become rich based on political party, neighborhood, schools, class or race?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This type of question can create a great deal of debate.  There is no clear cut, black and white answer.  The concept of obtaining wealth has several characteristics.  If a person is driven, passionate, and has a strong work ethic they can obtain wealth.  The idea that neighborhood school, community, political party, class or race determines ones social status is difficult to ignore, but even young people who have grown up in terrible conditions can grow up and out of those conditions.  Race, poverty, poor communities and schools tend to make it much more difficult for people to succeede financially, but it does not prevent it. 

Our society has blurred the line between giving people a "hand -up" and a "hand -out."  It is fine to help people in trouble but when we as a society begin to bail people out of trouble at every step then we create a society that feels a sense of entitlement.  The "you owe me" mentality is one that prevents people from acheiving their dreams. 

Any person who has the desire to work hard, overcome obstacles, and commit themselves to a goal can become wealthy.

cburr eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I wish I could agree with ladyvols1.

There is no question that working hard improves a person's chances of success, and that a feeling of entitlement gets in the way of the commitment necessary to rise out of tough conditions.  However, there's no way that every person can become wealthy simply by working hard.

On the other side of the equation, there are many people who advance to wealth either entirely or partially because of their background and connections.  Sadly, hard work is not necessarily a requirement for these fortunate people.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, all of the above.  You need money to make money.  Children of the rich go to schools that feed into colleges that feed into jobs, and they are set.  Children born to the poor go to rundown schools where they are exposed to low expectations that lead to prospects in gangs or minimum wage and a life of poverty.  While there are exceptions, class and neighborhood shape a person's life more than anything else.

epollock | Student

A person's ability to become rich is based on any number of elements. A rich family member may die, a person can win the lottery, a person can invent an object that corporations want to buy.  It is no longer a matter of education, work ethic, or ability.  Those qualities do not guarantee a person will become rich.  There is also the possibility that a small investment can grow into something enormous.

There is a laundry list of reasons why someone can become rich, along with the many obstacles to be become rich, such as firing, business trouble, etc.

krishna-agrawala | Student

I  firmly believe that a persons earning are primarily dependent on ones ability and hard work. But there are many other factors also that have an influence.

Before I explain further my belief, I would like to clarify the difference between earnings and riches. Earnings is what you get over a period of time in different forms such as salary, professional fees, profits, interest, rent and dividends. Riches or wealth refers the accumulated money and other assets owned by a person. Many times the riches is just what you save out of earnings, but it may also include wealth received by other means such as inheritance. In this discussion I have focused on earning rather than riches because on the whole that is the most important contributor to the wealth of common people today.

Coming back to the factors influencing earning, these include luck. opportunity, and support from others. All the factors listed in post #1 - that is, political party, neighborhood, school, class and race - also have some indirect influence.

For example, school may influence the quality of education and therefore ability. All the factor will have some influence on the kind of people forming ones social network and kind of support they will get from these people. The kind of people one knows and sees also affects the level and type of individual aspiration. That is another factor influencing earnings. For example, a very capable person, because of influence of some political parties or other social organization may decide to devote his or her life to improve the lot of unprivileged rather than earning money.

littleg | Student

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