Is personification and metaphor used in 'The Chocolate War'?

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Actually, simile and personification are types of metaphors, as they make comparisons and analogies between things.  So, if you've found a simile, you've found a type of metaphor.  So, "Jerry walked to the bus like a sleepwalker" is both simile and, technically, metaphor.

Here are others:

On page 24 in my paperback edition:

"Silence fell.  The school was hushed around them..."

This is personification, as it is giving human qualities and actions to inanimate objects, "silence" and "school."

On page 9:

"A strange happiness invaded him."

Here, "happiness" is personified like a ghost inhabiting a host or an army infiltrating a territory.

For metaphor, again on page 9:

"His knees were liquid and his body light as air."

Here's two similes, comparing knees to liquid and body weight to air.

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