Personally, do you like the caveman ad? Explain your answer.Personally, do you like the caveman ad? Explain your answer.

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do not like the caveman commercials in principle, because you have to laugh at someone to make yourself feel better. To be sure that are no cavemen around now who will be offended, but the culture of poking fun of people is not good. The principle is easily applied to other situations that can be harmful. More importantly, it can be easily used to belittle others. For example, you could say, "even a girl can do this" to motivate a boy. This is harmful to both genders. It does no one any good. And this is essentially the same dynamic that Geico uses. From this angle the commercials are not too clever. It is the age old bias that preys on others to make another person feel superior.

scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I find the caveman ad to be humorous and witty, but I do not think that it effectively promotesthe product.  While viewers remember the company (Geico) and most likely look forward to seeing new ads featuring the caveman, I would question whether the ad draws in new customers.  The slogan, "So easy even a caveman can do it" certainly remains in the viewer's mind, but it does not encourage me to find out what is so easy.  If the advertiser's primary goal is to promote the company's name, then it accomplishes that because the majority of my students remember that the ads are for Geico; however, not a single one of them has Geico insurance (I teach high school juniors and seniors).

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am not sure I like the ad, but not sure I don’t. I’m pretty ambivalent. Here’s why:

I think the ad campaign is really clever. I think the idea of a caveman confronting prejudice is witty and very interesting. Finally, I think the actor does a very good job of showing his feeling about the poster that he passes on the people mover.

However, I don’t really like the caveman character. I don’t like the stereotyped yuppie or preppy way that he dresses. It almost feels to me like he’s trying too hard to “pass” as a smart person. (And as a tennis player, I don’t like that he has a wooden racket or that tennis is portrayed as this effete preppy sport…)

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I find the Geico caveman ads hilarious and certainly one of the most successful advertising campaigns in recent memory. The writer who came up with this idea surely should receive an award (or gigantic bonus) if he has not already. The idea of a still-living yuppie caveman being upset with the denigration of his people through the Geico ad is terrific. I particularly enjoy the supposed politically incorrectness of the ad. It's great that we can actually laugh at a group of people that are being belittled without worrying if it offends others.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do like the whole ad campaign.  One, I think they've come up with pretty creative ways to keep the character fresh and funny.  I appreciate ads that are humorous, and I tend to remember them better.

And if ads are going to make fun of a given population, I guess an extinct race that never would have bought car insurance in the first place is socially acceptable.  Gotta have a sense of humor about these things...

hannahshychuk eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I did like the caveman ads at first. I found them to be different, witty, and generally well-written and funny. I do not, however, like the ads very much anymore, probably because the very thing that made them interesting to me initially - their novelty - has worn off. Now I find them to be rather predictable, rather than innovative.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My favorite Caveman commercial was the one where he was in the therapist’s office. The humor used in this--the caveman taking such offense at something said so innocently was believable as was his mother calling on the cell phone. What a mama’s boy.

lrwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I like the caveman ad campaign. I think they have found a way to catch peoples attention and make themselves rememorable in the market. I really don't see a problem of poking fun at cavemen.

epollock | Student

I think the ad is very smart and funny. By using a caveman character, the ad is much more simplistic yet evokes some deep down naturall instinct when viewing it. Ads nowadays tend to be funnier and play on words and actions rather than listing mere benefits of a product or service.