If a person is on parole can he or she able to move to another city without getting into any trouble?

Expert Answers
dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most states allow parolee's to move out of state or across town but they must get permission from their parole officer. Review of the offender's record and criminal history would take place before this request would be granted. In some states, you must obtain judicial approval also. Certain conditions would probably apply such as gaining employment in the new location. Parole is a type of suspended sentence. When out on parole, if the offender breaks any conditions of said parole they are subject to having the parole revoked and returned to prison to finish serving out their sentence. Parole and probation are used to reduce the population of already overcrowded penal institutions. It is also an income stream for the particular state because monthly fees must be paid by the parolee or probationer.

mkcapen1 | Student

Parole is a monitoring system for person's who have been convicted of a crime and are either serving time through close monitoring because of early release from a program or who are serving time through monitoring versus being incarcerated.   The system requires that before anyone can leave an area he or she needs to have discussed the issue with his/her parole officer.

The parole officer needs to know the locations of the parolee at all times.  Each person's parole is individualized and to determine their level of freedom to move needs to be defined by the individual's parole officer.  This does not mean that a person can't move, but a person has to discuss it with his/her parole officer to determine what may be done.