The perimeter of rectrangular field is 172 meters. Double the width is 4 meters more than the length. Find the area of the field.I would like to know what is the equation to use to solve the problem.

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The perimeter of rectangular field is 172 meters.

Let the width of the field be W = X. Twice the width of the field is 4 more than the length. The length is equal to L = 2*X - 4.

The perimeter of the rectangular field is 2*(W + L)

=> 2*(X + 2*X - 4)

=> 6x - 8

6X - 8 = 172

=> X = 30

The area of the field is W*L = 30*56 = 1680 square meters.

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perimeter=172 m
l=2w -4
=1680 sq. m (ans)
Here w is width and l is length

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