Perform follwing opperation  `3sqrt2`  and `3a` `3sqrt2/(3a) `          2 ᶾ   √______         3aperform following opperation `3sqrt2`  divided by  `3a` `3sqrt2/(3a)...

   Perform follwing opperation  `3sqrt2`  and `3a`

`3sqrt2/(3a) `


ᶾ   √______


perform following opperation

`3sqrt2`  divided by  `3a`

`3sqrt2/(3a) `


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You need to divide the terms `3sqrt2`  and `3a`  such that:

`3sqrt2/(3a) `

Notice that numerator `3sqrt2`  and denominator `3a`  have in common the factor `3` , hence, you may divide both by `3`  such that:

`3sqrt2/(3a) = sqrt2/a`

Since the problem does not provides information about the number a, you may stop the division at this moment.

If a is is a radical number, you need to multiply by `sqrt a`  to remove the radical from denominator.

If a represents an expression of form `root(n) x+ root(n) y,`  you need to perform the multiplication by the conjugate of `root(n) x + root(n) y`  to remove the radicals from denominator.

Hence, since there are no information about a and performing the division, yields `3sqrt2/(3a) = sqrt2/a.`

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