Is Perfect Curves herbal pill safe? There are many sites that claim it is effective and safe?

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Because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not generally regulate herbal supplements, there is no government data that addresses the question of whether Perfect Curves' supplements could pose any risks -- beyond the question of whether such substances work as advertised.

Perfect Curves is a system involving topical creams, supplements, and an exercise regimen all designed to increase breast size and improve shape.  This answer can in no way render a verdict on whether the product will have the desired effect, even if rigidly applied on a regular basis for a determined period of time.

Having said that, the reason for the below linkages to information on pharmacology is because homeopathic medications and herbal supplements can in fact cause adverse reactions if the individual consumer or patient is also using prescription medications, even for unrelated reasons.  Consequently, before an individual begins taking supplements, he or she should first consult a physician or a pharmacist, as the latter is trained to identify potentially serious drug interaction risks.  Because there could be a minor chance that an individual is taking some kind of prescription medication while also beginning a regimen like that with Perfect Curves, and because the risk of an adverse reaction caused by two or more  incompatible substances being ingested into the same body can be harmful, consulting a physician is advisable.