In Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, where do you see a struggle for power on pages 361-369?

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favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is in these pages that Percy finally comes to understand the final part of the oracle’s prophecy: that he will “betrayed by one who calls [him] a friend.” Once Luke reveals his true self to Percy when he says that “‘“Western civilization” is a disease [….]. The only way to stop it is to burn it to the ground, start over with something more honest.’” He discloses that he’s been working with Kronos to start a war between the Olympians so that they will destroy themselves and make way for Kronos to regain the power he lost at their hands so many years before. Further, Luke gets angry when Percy insists that he’s being used by Kronos because Luke resents the implication that he is powerless. Therefore, while Kronos is struggling for power for himself; there’s also a struggle for power happening between Luke and Percy. They are the only heroes to ever return from a quest, and Luke seems to begrudge Percy his success because it thwarted Kronos’s plan. He was supposed to die in the Underworld, and, instead, he made it back, restored the bolt to Zeus, and prevented a gods’ war. Luke says that only the strongest of humans will be allowed to remain, and he doesn’t consider Percy to be one of these. Luke conjures up a terrible scorpion to kill Percy in order to get rid of him, and he almost succeeds, certainly fulfilling the prophecy about betrayal.

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