Perception and "An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge"To what extent does "An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge" argue that the opposite is sometimes true related to perception preceding knowledge?

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I think in response to #1 that this story proves your statement correct - Farquhar is so focussed on any form of escape that his perception is untrustworthy and deceives us and himself until the knowledge of the reality of his death is something he literally cannot ignore any more.

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In the case of Farquhar, I believe he wants so badly to be able to escape the noose and go home to his wife that he is delusional.  He knows that he is about to die and who wouldn't wish they could escape, go back in time, go back to their loved ones, etc.?  Everything seems different in the environment because he is not living in reality...these scenes are playing out in his mind as he is waiting for the executioner to pull the lever for him to drop through the hole above the river.