If the percentage yield for the combustion reaction of methane is 92%.What mass of CO2 is produced by burning 75.0 grams of methane in excess oxygen?

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`CH_4+2O_2 rarr CO_2+2H_2O`


Molar mass

`CH_4 = 16g/(mol)`

`CO_2 = 44g/(mol)`


Amount of `CH_4` burned

`= 75g`

`= 75/16 mol`

`= 4.6875 mol`


Mole ratio

`CH_4:CO_2 = 1:1`


Theretical amount of `CO_2 ` produced

`= 92/100xx4.6875`

`= 4.3125 mol`


Amount of `CO_2` yield

`= 4.3125xx44 g`

`= 189.75g`


So the `CO_2` yield is 189.75g.


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