People's ignorance can contribute to their political and social oppression. How does the animals' behavior in the novel support this theme?

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Most of the animals in this work are shockingly ignorant and heartbreakingly gullible. They are too quick to believe what they are told and too easily miss what is really going on. Orwell, in very simple terms, shows us how political and social oppression can occur step-by-step under people's (or animals') noses. The pigs make each little move in the slide toward tyranny look reasonable: of course, they need better food, of course, they need to sleep in a house, why shouldn't they train the dogs, etc. Why not change a word here or there in a slogan, especially to make it easier to remember? Why not deal with the humans? Meanwhile, they are getting a tighter and tighter grip on power, to the point that when the other animals wake up to what is going on (at least those few who do) it is too late.

The sheep are the best representation of a large mass of ignorant people who can be easily manipulated to support whatever those in power want, even if it works against their own interests. Every...

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