People's ignorance can contribute to their political and social oppression. How does the animals' behavior in the novel support this theme?

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Benjamin, the donkey, is a cynic who believes no one can make things better. He represents the cynical intellectual who believes he's above politics, refusing to get involved in trying to change society or government. His ignorance is pride.

Boxer and Clover, the horse, represent the working class. Boxer blindly follows Napoleon while Clover unsuccessfully tries to help the others see reality. Their ignorance is believing the leaders will help them or their own laziness or apathy.

Minimus, the poet, writes a poem and a song for Napoleon. He represents artists who allowed the government to use them to spread propaganda.

Mollie is self-centered, thinking only of herself through the book. She goes back to working for humans because she's only concerned with material things and not ideals, such as freedom.

Moses, symbolic of organized religion, tells stories about Sugarcandy Mountain. He's used to entertain the others. His ignorance is believing in some fairy-tale place where life will be perfect. 

The sheep are the blind followers who do whatever they're told, having no real idea what anything means. They are truly ignorant.

All of the animals characterize some segment of society that allows a totalitarian regime to come about and stay in power because of their ignorance in one way or another.

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i need help can smeone plz help................ why is ignorance important in animal farm teelllll me now plz i will be grateful xxx