People play a very important role in our lives. How do I describe in vivid detail any one person and how he has been a special influence in my life?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question has been on our state test, and students chose a person very easily.  Even describing him in detail seemed to be done with great elan evoking a good picture of the person and their character traits.  Where students ran into trouble was to remember to explain HOW this person had been a special INFLUENCE in their lives.  So, if you would choose  your father, describe him physically as you describe the important characteristics or traits you admire.  For example, maybe you admire his willingness to help other people who need help and you describe this small, confident man who easily fixes the tire for the frightened young man at the side of the road.  Then you have to link these details of description to his influence on you.  Maybe you have learned to help others without expecting any reward.  Maybe you have learned to tell the truth even if it makes you look bad.  My father, an uneducated, well read salesman, was not allowed to go to college which made me even more determined to go which changed the course of my life.