My Man Bovanne Questions and Answers
by Toni Cade Bambara

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Is it true for the protagonist in "My Man Bovanne" that people never seem to slow down because of independence?

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Miss Hazel, the protagonist in "My Man Bovanne ," certainly does show independence of spirit and it certainly does keep her from slowing down. This is illustrated particularly well in her reaction to her children's humiliating treatment of her in the kitchen at the party, which was precipitated by her dance with old and blind Bovanne who got into his "hummin jones" and expressed his sightless dance in a way not dependent upon the dance vogue of the day--which he couldn't see. Hazel was saddened and disheartened at her children's cruel assessment of her but she insisted in her heart that though severely (and wholly inappropriately) chastised by her children, who are meant to love and respect her, she still didn't feel ashamed. Had she...

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