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People in this town either always tells the truth or always tells a lie. You meet a farmer, a politician, and a salesman at a crossroad and ask for directions to the restaurant where you are supposed to meet your date. The farmer says turn right, the politician says turn left, and the salesman says you should continue straight through. Then they begin to argue. The farmer says that the politician is lying. The politician says that the salesman is lying. The salesman says that both the farmer and politician are lying. They won't stop arguing so you are not able to ask them any more questions. Can you determine which direction to take so that you make it to meet your date?

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Each person either always tells the truth or always tells a lie. In these kinds of problems, such persons are usually called "knights" and "liars," respectively.

Consider two possibilities: the salesman is a knight, or the salesman is a liar.

1. Suppose the salesman is a knight. Then he is correct about both the farmer and the politician lying, so they are both liars, and all...

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