About 14,000,000 people emigrated (went to live in another country) between 1750 and 1900. What countries did those people migrate to?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many people moved to different countries between 1750-1900.  During this time period, many Europeans moved to the Americas.  Many came to the United States.  Between 1820-1860, many northern Europeans came to the United States and Canada.  These were people from France, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.  From 1880-1920, many southern Europeans came here.  They came from Russia, Greece, the Balkan countries, Greece, and Turkey.  Others went to South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil.  (Many Spanish and Portuguese people moved to Argentina and Brazil.)  Some Europeans also went to Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.  Chinese and Japanese people moved to the west coast of North America as well as to countries in Southeast Asia.  They moved for many reasons. Many went for economic, political, or religious reasons. They were facing serious economic issues at home. Others were persecuted either religiously or politically.  There were African people who moved (often against their will) to countries in the Americas.  Some Africans also were forced to move to Arabia.  Some people from India were forced to move as indentured servants to Africa or countries in the Caribbean.  Many people were on the move during the 1750-1900 time period.

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