In 'The Pendulm' what do you mean by 'wrought steel chains of matrimony?'what kind of society is depicted in the pendulum?

ramlakshmi | Student

When the initial glitter of a marriage wears out, the underlying hard realities of day- to -day life and co-existence are gradually exposed.When thus exposed, the relationship is no more glamorous yet strongly linked. In the long run, it is the inner strength of the iron which sustains the chain-not the sheen of the gold cover.In the same way,the combined resolve of the couple sustains the marriage-not the fleeting moments of charms.    

kratika | Student

it means that the bonds of their marriage are very similar to a steel chain.When they got married their chain was covered with a gold plating.but after few days their bond was deteriorating.they were being apart from each other.