a pendelum makes 33 complete back-and-forth cycles of vibration in 11 seconds, what is its frequency and period of the pendelum?  

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You need to use th equation that relates period, time and cycle, such that:

Period `= t/c`

t represents the time needed for something to happen

c represents the number of cycles

Since the problem provides that inofrmation that pendulum makes 33 complete cycles of vibrations in 11 seconds, yields:

Period `= 11/33 = 0.33` seconds

Using the standard symbols for period and frequency yields:

`T = 1/f => f = 1/T => f = 1/0.33 ~~ 3.03`

Hence, evaluating the period and frequency of pendulum, under the given conditions, yields `T = 0.33` seconds and `f ~~ 3.03` Hz.

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