The Pearl Questions and Answers
by John Steinbeck

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In The Pearl, what are some of the things Kino says he will have when he sells his pearl?

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After finding the Pearl of the World, Kino initially thinks about saving his son’s life by paying for the doctor’s services. Kino then begins fantasizing about his future life as a wealthy, privileged man. In chapter three, Kino’s daydreams about finally marrying Juana in a church. Kino then begins to imagine their new, expensive clothes that they will wear on their wedding day. Kino even pictures Coyotito wearing a blue sailor suit with a yachting cap during the wedding ceremony. Kino then daydreams about purchasing a new iron harpoon along with a rifle. In addition to dreaming about owning a Winchester carbine, Kino imagines Coyotito sitting in school and earning an education. Kino views the pearl as a way for his son to attain knowledge, which will finally make his people free. Tragically, the pearl brings adversaries to Kino’s doorstep, and he is forced to leave his tranquil life behind in order to keep the pearl.

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sangelis84 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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The first thing that Kino imagines upon finding the pearl is that he will be able to afford a doctor for his son, Coyotito, who was stung by a scorpion. 

As the novel progresses, Kino's imagination for what the pearl could offer him and his family grows. He imagines that he and his wife, Juana, could afford a proper wedding ceremony in their local church. He also imagines that their family could buy new, expensive things, like clothing, a harpoon (for fishing), and a hunting rifle. 

Kino's biggest dream, however, is that he could use the money he earns from selling the pearl to send his son to school. He imagines buying Coyotito a school uniform and books, and he imagines that his son will have many more opportunities after he is educated.

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