peaceful World without fightingG'day mate plz answer to my question as soon as possibe. It's our right to live in a calm world without any fighting, killing,molesting and etc. When will we heard...

peaceful World without fighting

G'day mate
plz answer to my question as soon as possibe.
It's our right to live in a calm world without any fighting, killing,molesting and etc. When will we heard the news of peace in the world which will be published by the foriegn country like united states of America, the european countries?
Do you agree with me or not? please expound for me. I would be happy

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jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think a violence-free world comes with other consequences, and we may not be willing to pay the price.  I've read a lot of futuristic fiction this year, and in several of those novels there is a peaceful society, but at a cost.  For example ...

Lois Lowry's The Giver creates a society where everyone is peaceful toward one another.  There isn't really any crime, ever, and everyone makes a conscious effort to be nice (apologies are forced for misunderstandings, etc.).  However, the price is that anyone who doesn't fit in is euthanized, and all memories of significant emotions and difficulties are kept from the community members.

Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series also has a peaceful society.  In this image of our future, we live in a world where we are very conscious of our environment, but pretty well unconscious about everything else.  People are all made to be beautiful (by biological/instinctual standards) at puberty, and they live a life of luxury and ease after that.  However, the society is ruled by a fierce group of scary individuals, and no one really understands anything about the world around them.  Part of the surgery to make you beautiful also makes you stupid; so in a sense, you're too stupid to cause conflict.

Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games presents a society where peace is achieved through dictatorship.  North America has been reorganized into districts, and peace is kept by the first District, the Capital.  In order to ensure that no one revolts against them, they keep up regular reminders of their authoritarian rule.  In this novel, that rule is enforced through the Hunger Games:  an exhibition event where each district has to send one male and one female child to fight to the death for the televised enjoyment of the District residents.  The Hunger Games are the punishment inflicted on the districts for a time when they tried to revolt against the tyranny of the Capital.  In order to keep the peace, the Capital uses tactics like this as well as food withholding, etc., to keep the peace with fear.

The point of all of this is that utopia comes with a price, and even though we might all wish that there could be more peace and less violence in this world, a totally peaceful existence will not be possible without some serious alterations in the conditions of humanity.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Yes we have a right to live peacefully. But this does not mean that this right will be granted to us on a platter. One of the causes of war is people defending their rights against oppressor.

If we are lucky, we may live at a time and place when there is peace all around. But there are times when we will have to fight every inch of the way to secure peace.

I do not think it will ever be possible to achieve enduring peace in all parts of the world. We can only increase the share of peace and reduce the share of war. And for achieving this we should be prepared to pay the price by way of accepting the costs and risks of war to fight oppression and injustice.

frizzyperm | Student

I think it is part of human nature to make trouble. We are emotionally immature as a species. We like to mislead others and feel superior to them, don't we, Mersad? ;-)

It is not your 'right' to live peacefully, blue. The natural state of existence for life on this planet is a vicous, bloody struggle for food and sex. In nature, the main aim is to not get killed and eaten in order to live long enough to reproduce. We have dragged ourselves from this violent natural world but we still fight for the same reasons, territory, tribe, trade, etc. All the same basic instincts that make a 400kg alpha-male lion crush the skull of a 1 week old baby gazelle. Or a pack o' mangy dingoes go like the bejeezus at the pack next door just to mark the edge of its territory.

Only with great effort by good men and women will we forego our baser nature, and maybe not even then.