The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Pay attention to Nick's judgments in The Great Gatsby. what do they reveal about his character (especially in relation to his opening comments)?

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Initally Nick expresses that it is in his personality not to judge others, which has made him quick friends with others who do not wish to be judged for their transgressions.  By the end of the work, however, Nick makes some pretty blatant judgments when he tells Gatsby, in his final words to him, that he is (to paraphrase) worth the whole bunch and that the rest of the main characters are an awful crowd. I find this act to contradict Nick’s initial description of himself in chapter one. Perhaps, this shows his changing character throughout the book.

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Nick, the narrator of The Great Gatsby, goes to great lengths to tell us that he concentrates on not making quick judgments and not judging others.  He also tells the reader how honest he is later on in the work. 

The fact that Nick thinks these...

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