can you give e summary of what happened when Paul expresses concern that he ''ratted out'' the Tangerine Middle School soccer Player for vandalizing the carnival exhibit

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Edward Bloor's Tangerine, Paul Fisher, the protagonist, and the soccer players from Lake Windsor Middle School find themselves detained in Mr. Morrow's (the head of guidance at Lake Windsor) office. Mr. Morrow tells Paul and his soccer peers that the Tangerine County Sheriffs Department had received a complaint regarding a case of vandalism at the carnival. It turns out that The Wonders Of The World exhibit had been vandalized by boys from a soccer team. Mr. Morrow and Coach Walski want to make sure that none of the soccer team from Lake Windsor was involved in the affair.

Since Paul was the only one who saw the soccer players from Tangerine Middle enter the exhibit, he shares this information with Mr. Morrow and Coach Walski. When the other boys back Paul up, both men are relieved that Lake Windsor soccer players were not the ones responsible for the vandalism. However, Paul is worried that Mr. Murrow may unwittingly provide their names to Betty Bright, the coach at Tangerine Middle. Not only does he feel guilty, he does not relish the thought of the other team finding out that it was he who 'ratted those guys out.' Joey tells him that he doesn't have a thing to worry about as Paul's verbal testimony in Mr. Morrow's office cannot be considered on the same level as a testimony in court. Paul tells Joey that he sounds like a lawyer. Joey retorts that if Paul hadn't told on the other team, Lake Windsor soccer players would have had to take responsibility for a crime they did not commit.