The Rocking-Horse Winner Questions and Answers
by D. H. Lawrence

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Paul charges himself excessively to prove something. What is he trying to prove and who is he trying to prove it to?

Paul wants to prove to his mother that he is "lucky," in an attempt to win her love and solve his family's financial problems. However, this is a Sisyphean task because she continually demands more from him whenever he achieves any of her demands.

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Paul wants to prove to his mother that he is "lucky." Even though he is not sure what "luck" is, he declares that he has it. He does this in part to comfort his mother, and in part to supplant the place of his father, who his mother has called unlucky.

The story is told as a kind of fairy tale, almost. The home Paul grows up in is a kind of endlessly hungry monster which

+constantly demands more money. The mother is ashamed of their status as the "poor members of the family," dependent on relations for the use...

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