passion for playing the piano (one page, 500 words) 

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this question, you are being asked to describe your passion for an artistic endeavor, playing the piano.  You need to help the teacher understand why you love the piano or what attracts your passion to express yourself through the piano.  To play well requires many years of instruction but also an understanding of the feel of any piece you play.  If you simply play the notes on the page without any idea of what the piece is trying to express in music, the performance will be technical but not expressive.  If you watch a professional, they are technically perfect but also play with a passion for the music which is an internal expression of their own connection to what the music expresses.  An example for me is Anthony Horowitz playing almost anything because his performance expresses how I feel when I hear the music he played.  Find your own reasons for continuing to play and rehearse, your own feelings about music and what it contributes to your life, and why the piano is your instrument of choice when so many other choices are available to you.  Would you love the violin as much?  Could YOU express as much on the guitar?  What does playing the piano do for you?  Good luck with your answers and essay.

thewanderlust878 | Student

I think that this would be an essay that would be very fun to write. The question you asked doesn't really say if it is about your passion or someone else's, but I think that it would be easy to write about both. Here are some suggestions:

For your passion: Write about how you started to play, why you began playing, and why you have continued to play. Describe pieces of music that have become your favorites, challenges you have overcome, etc. 

For someone else's passion: You can do almost the same thing as with your passion, just simply with their ideas instead of your own (make sure to keep it a objective as possible and make sure your opinions don't seep to far in)

Hope this helps!

chrisyhsun | Student

If you are writing about your passion for playing the piano, the response will be very much so colored by your own experiences. Two ways I have thought of to help transmit this passion to your readers are:

  1. A particularly meaningful piece/experience: I have found that stories are sometimes better at conveying emotions than descriptions of said emotions. It might be more effective to deliver a message about a passion through a story about when you played a specific piece - how you struggled in the beginning, but eventually got all the notes down and really began to make music rather than sound. Descriptions in the story are really useful as well, and having small details that help the reader "become" you will definitely transmit the message you want to give your readers.
  2. A turning point: Similar to the story idea above, but different in terms of the type of story. By "turning point", I mostly mean a change in attitude. This could apply to piano as a whole (maybe you really didn't like it in the beginning but then gradually grew to love the instrument) or to a certain composer (again, you didn't really understand his works until this one piece opened your eyes), or a specific piece (hate --> love).