Passes through (7, 1) and (7, 8) Write an equation in slope-intercept form for the line that satisfies each set of conditions.

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Chapter 2, 2.4 - Problem 30 - Glencoe Algebra 2 (1st Edition, McGraw-Hill Education).
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Given the points are

`(x_1,y_1) =(7,1)`


`(x_2,y_2) =(7,8)`

the slope of the line passing through the points is given as 

`m = (y_2 - y_1)/(x_2 - x_1)`

    `= (8-1)/(7-7)`

   ` = 7/0= oo`

so the slope is `oo`

as the

 slope m= oo ,so the line is a vertical line and equation of the line is x=7 as the x- intercept from the points is 7

so line equation is x=7

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