A particular leadership style may be more effective in one situation and the same style may be totally ineffective in another situation. Why is this so?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a good question. Each context is different. Each context or place has a commonsense view of the world. In other words, each context has a sense of what is right and wrong, things that seem to be self-evident. If you move from one culture to another, then that sense of right and wrong will change. In short, when we move from one context to another context, there can be a big difference.

In the light of this point, a leadership style may be effective in one context, but that same leadership style may fail in another context. It is all about context. Let me give you an example. If there is an assertive/strong manager in America, this might work well, because people expect this. However, if that person moves to Asia with the same style of leadership he may fail, because it is a different context. In Asia, consensus building might be more important. Context is king.