In Part One there is an allusion to Master Ridley. Explain who Master Ridley was, who sent him to death, and why he was sent to death.It needs to be a short explanation please.

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Master Nicholas Ridley was a clergyman/priest who gained fame for being a martyr. He was well versed in the Bible and during the 16th century when there was much debate about the fallacy of the Pope, he is famed for "resolving" the issue by saying, "The Bishop of Rome had no more authority and jurisdiction derived to him from God, in this kingdom of England, than any other foreign bishop." He became a very prominent religious figure after that. He was later executed for supporting Lady Jane Grey as queen of England when Mary Tudor, the rightful heir to the throne, came into power and had all her key supporters burned at the stake for treason.

Note: allusion is the brief reference to another literary work or prominent person, place, or event inside a piece of literature. See more about allusion in the link below.

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